Blue/black-Void screen


  • Blocks & Inventory not rendered (Inventory items appear black)
  • Blocks can still be broken (only rendering problems)
  • Screen entirely black/blue/white


Look directly at the ground when opening your inventory, the items SHOULD no longer be black. (Unproven)

Intel graphics do not work for some exact reason. (Blue Screen)

Or update up graphics card

Incorrect Texture Render


  • Most blocks appear grey
  • Grass blocks, leaf blocks and grass appears green fuck you

FIX(updated to acually not work :D):

First,install optifine -- smooth works best, other should work too, if not, just use smooth.

Then equip a golden apple in game.(you can just use a temperary save on creative, then save+exit). Do this every time you login -- but after doing it you can go into other saves and multiplayer like usual. THIS WORKS 100% of the time,oddly enough. your welcome :P


P.S: I cant use shadows (im using a ATI mobility raedon HD 5870 as my graphics card), if you have any suggestions just edit this and tell me please!

Incorrect Water Render


  • Water has glitchy spots


delete your .minecraft do a backup if you want,install optifine hd a3 without the modloader the

optifine can be downloaded /here then install the shaders and bumpmap here's how to bump map enter minecraft and every block should be white/grey it doesn't matter close minecraft reinstall optifine reinstall the shaders and bump map again and you should be great to go!!!



  • Screen appears double-rendered (seeing doubles)


This problem has only appeared to those using NVidia 560 cards with the latest BETA drivers. Downgrade to the latest STABLE drivers.

OR it can be caused by mods

Changing Shader Settings

Ok, I've seen numorous requests on how to do this.

1. Open final.fsh located in your minecraft.jar or the installer folder. (Look at installing shaders)

2. Where it says #define SHADER_NAME_HERE put a // in foront of it. So it looks like this:

//#define DOF

3. Save and close final.fsh

4. If you do everything correct then it should work fine.


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