Dax's Wiki


  • Better Grass - Not Working
  • Cheat Mod - Works Perfectly
  • Random Mobs - Works Perfectly
  • Rei's Minimap - Works Perfectly
  • HD Patcher - Works Perfectly
  • TooManyItems - Works Perfectly
  • Single Player Commands - Works Perfectly
  • Millenaire - Works Perfect
  • Little Blocks - Works Perfect
  • Zombe's Modpack - Works (Known working: Fly, Cheat, Boom Weild)
  • Advanced Hud - Works Perfectly
  • CJB Mods (with XRay) - Works (Known working: Fly, Xray)
  • Matmos Soundmod - Works Perfectly

Compatible IF (Sometimes)[]

  • Modloader
  • Better Than Wolves - Requires Modloader - Must be installed before Shaders
  • Inventory Tweaks - Requires Modloader
  • Minecraft Forge - Only in 1.2.5 and up
    - Works with the default shaders.
    - Does not work with bump-mapping from the alternative shaders folder.
    -Means, in some cases bump-mapping + Modloader doesn't work, there are enough people who have both installed without probs.


  • Xray: When opening a save file or joining a server, the game freezes and then crashes. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/639823-100x-ray-n-dtdb/
  • Water Shader Mod
  • RedPower 2 pr5. Complex machinery such as pipes and sorting machines will crash the client.
  • Mine Little Pony: Will crash game when opening a save file or joining a server. It cannot render you, the entity.