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- New unofficial version for 1.7.3 thanks to Laurina ! Regular version here : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25451490/glsl_unofficial_1.7.3.zip and Modloader version here : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25451490/glsl_unofficial_1.7.3_ml.zip

The modloader version is to be installed after modloader itself.
Default shaders included (DOF and World Curvature). For more, download the official 1.5 package, or visit the Alternative Shaders page of this Wiki.

- ( old ) You can install in 1.6.6 thanks to Laurina http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25451490/glsl_unofficial_166_ml.zip With a fresh unmessed with minecraft.jar! 

  1. Drag contents of modloader zip into minecraft.jar >> I think you have to run the game once.
  2. Drag contents of Laurina's patch for GLSL into minecraft.jar, just into the root of the file, same as modloader.
  3. Run mcpatcher (HD patch) to enable HD texture packs.
  4. install shader scripts, destination is a folder called "shaders" in the root of minecraft.jar >> these scripts are distributed with the unpatched version of GLSL, you can get it from DAX... he's awesome, and I'd take a skeleton arrow for him.
  5. read the bump crap section of this wiki for information on sexy, sexy textures. I have problems with specular lighting making my torches look fubar, and blanking out textures occasionally... I turned it off for now because there's very little info available for specular problems.
  6. install textures to the texture folder OUTSIDE of the minecraft.jar file, just in the minecraft folder.
  7. say "HELLO WORLD"

Хуй а не процесс!

Common Errors Hi[]

Help! I get an error while installing!
Please make sure you are installing this mod on a clean, unmodded installation of Minecraft. You should also check the mod compatibilities if you're planning to use this with other mods.

For in-game problems and errors, please see FAQs & Troubleshooting.