FAQs & Troubleshooting (Shaders)[edit | edit source]

  • Help! I get an error when I try to install this mod!
    Did you start with a clean minecraft.jar? Please also check compatibility with other mods or else you might generate errors because of other installed mods
  • My game crashes!
    See above tip, and you might also want to see if your graphics card is compatible. If you're using integrated graphics, you're pretty much out of luck. Consider getting a new card.
  • The shaders! They do nothing!
    Again, check to see if your graphics card is compatible. ATi/AMD users have gotten this mod to work by updating their Catalyst drivers to 11.1 or newer, and by disabling Catalyst Control Center (CCC).
  • Bumpmapping looks weird or doesn't work!
    You need a texture pack that includes bump mapping. Ones that dont have it wont work.
  • I changed the AA (anti-aliasing) setting and now Minecraft crashes!
    Where the anti-aliasing settings are stored is dependant on your operateing system.
Windows: The settings are stored in the registry under
Linux: The settings are in a file
in the line that reads
 <entry key="SHADERS_AA_KEY" value="xxxxxx"/>
Mac OS X: The settings are stored in the following file:
The value will need to be changed to 0 to disable anti-aliasing.
  • There's black lines all over my screen when I use the yourself's toon shader, why?
Your Edge Threshold is too low. Open final.fsh and change EDGE_THRESHOLD = 0.35 to around 0.75 or more. If you keep seeing them then keep increasing it until they're gone.
  • Use of bump/specular mapping makes bloom effects too bright!
Try lowering your bloom strength! Open final.fsh (a text file located in the 'shaders' folder inside your minecraft.jar) and change BLOOM_STRENGTH 0.2 to 0.1 or less. Keep decreasing it until you reach your desired brightness.
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