Minecraft Inception

Video demonstrating curvatures.

This page hosts all curvature shaders.

Following are some curvatures made by the community, feel free to post your own, and you can host them on:
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Animal Crossing:
Walking around a rounded ball-like planet, like in animal crossing.
By Aaronzo-SD

Inverse Animal Crossing:
Like the rounded animal crossing view, but inverted, like an extreme inception.
By Aaronzo-SD

The ground curves upwards around the player, letting you see most of your surroundings, while having a good range of flat ground around you.
By Aaronzo-SD

Bigger Scale Inception:
The inception shader, but gives more flat ground around you.
By Aaronzo-SD

Extreme Animal Crossing:
The rounded animal crossing planet but made to an extreme. Its inexplicable until you experience it! Definate try if you love the curvatures!
By Aaronzo-SD

NEW SHADERS[edit | edit source]

Inception Extreme:
The closest I can currently get with my limited knowledge of GLSL to the shader used in the video above, don't look up too high or the world will begin to disappear, until you look down again.

By Aaronzo-SD

Animal Crossing, Bigger Planet:
Gives a larger ball to walk on, so more is visible.
By Aaronzo-SD

MORE NEW SHADERS[edit | edit source]

Inception Increased:
Did you like inception Extreme but hated the de-rendering annoyance? Well this shader does it's best to fix that, some chunks close to you will de-render when you look up, but not as many, this is as close I can get to Extreme without loads of chunks de-rendering.
By Aaronzo-SD

Animal Crossing Even Bigger:
Increases the radius of effect, so you see less Normal ground and more of it is rounded.
By Aaronzo-SD

Non-Freaky Inception:
Did you like inception Increased but hated the freaky warping it did when you looked up or down? Well this shader fixes that; had to totally re-write it. The frustum culling is still a problem, and I'll fix that once I can figure out how to write the mod to disable it. I'll do one soon to map the terrain to a hemisphere hyperboloid instead of a paraboloid.
By Kerdek

And for a hyperboloid. I experience bugs with both this shader and the above, though (various items and etities disappearing below the ground, signs not being warped and more). Anyway, here it is (the parameters may need to be tweaked to fit your needs. Feel free to play around with it, though).


By Scaatis

NEWEST SHADER[edit | edit source]


Demo of the Planetoid shader.

Very similar to the Animal Crossing shader, except this one completely curves all the area around you.' It gives a feeling of being on a round, big planetoid.' You will not see any "flat" area in the far distance. The curvature reaches the horizon, but it is not strong.

By Misacorp

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