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Use MCP to compile Shaders.java.

MCP stands for "Minecraft Coder Pack", it's a complete tool to mod, decompile, and recompile Minecraft. Download it if it's not done yet. (respect the terms of use...)

Copy «bin » and «resource » folders from «.minecraft » to MCP -> «jars » folder.

Be sure to place a latest version«minecraft.jar » into "bin", unmodded (better delete «META-INF » however).

Run «decompile.bat »: Two directories («bin » and «src ») are generated within MCP.

Copy «Shaders.java » into «MCP\ src\minecraft\net\minecraft\src »

Run «recompile.bat », The compiled code goes to «bin », where you'll find «Shaders.class » into «MCP\ bin\minecraft\net\minecraft\src » but it's not finished yet...

Run «reobfuscate.bat »

The file «Shaders.class »in the directory «reobf » is now the right one. (It's compatible with the weird class names in the original minecraft jar file)


  1. Open a command window or terminal session.
  2. Use the cd command to navigate to the mods/shaders/source directory.
  3. Compile Hooks.java with the following command if you're using Windows:
javac -cp "./minecraft.jar;../../../nitrous.jar;../contents/files" -d "../contents/hooks" Hooks.java
Use the following command if you're using a unixoid like Linux, FreeBSD or Mac OS X:
javac -cp "./minecraft.jar:../../../nitrous.jar:../contents/files" -d "../contents/hooks" Hooks.java
You'll need to replace ./minecraft.jar with the path to your minecraft.jar (or copy minecraft.jar to your source directory).